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imageAbout Fran Henderson
I help people change lifestyle behaviors that they could not do on their own; and thereby, achieve a new level of wellness consistent with their life vision. Through practical application of the fitness and nutritional sciences, I can help you reach your goals to help make your life vision a reality.
I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach. Get Fit – Be Well, GFBW LLC is the name of my company.

My story

After quitting smoking at the age of 35, my weight gain culminated at 267 lbs and my blood pressure reading had increased to 155 over 95 at age 47. I can remember the struggle to just tie my shoe laces ending with a gasp for air as I finally tightened the knot. I had it!

Life was not fun being so overweight and out of shape,  but I did not know what to do. I had tried various diets in past only to find my self ultimately weighing more than when I started. Then out of the blue, I bought a pair of inline skates. I guess on some level I had to be thinking maybe what had been missing was exercise.

My first time out, I skated two whole blocks! Before you know it, I was skating the entire length of our street. Next, I bought a tape player and headphones that really made skating fun! It was more like a dance and got to the point that I didn’t want to stop. Before you know it , I was skating all of streets in our development, ten miles, every morning! Next, I joined a gym and worked with a personal trainer and did weight lifting training. I also, starts playing tennis.

Along with a modest decrease in calories and the skating, weight lifting and tennis, I lost 80 pounds in ten months. But the skating was so much more than just exercise, it was a spiritual awakening to the joy of movement! I was very fortunate to have found this intrinsic motivation without even searching for it, because it is the secret to keeping us moving and regaining what many of us have lost, our health and well-being.

That was more than 20 years ago and I have been fortunate to have kept my good health and fitness since! I no longer skate every day, but I have continued to lift weights and I play tennis on most days. I have also added other activities such as High Intensitiy Interval Training (HITT) that has replace skating to help improve my cardio-vascular fitness with a less of a time commitment.

Today, I want to coach you to know what it means to have lasting success like I have had. I want to help you find what’s fun and joyful in your life, and then chase it! I view eating real food, mostly vegetables, movement, and adopting healthy habits as a path to living life with purpose. I talk to clients about getting outside to play, about feeling good in their bodies, not ashamed or exhausted. I can guide you on the road to total wellness. While you may be hesitant, I can grab your hand and offer to go in with you rather than shoving you forward, alone.”

If you could have done it by yourself, you probably would have done it by now! Improving a lifestyle is not always easy. You’re working at overcoming very old habits. Work with a pro who knows how to help and holds your agenda as THE agenda. Work with a coach. Call or text me at 561-654-4067 or write to me at
Fran Henderson, CPTS
Certified Fitness and Wellness Coach
Get Fit Be Well (GFBW LLC)


A New Culture of Fitness

The health and fitness industry has a secret it doesn’t really like to talk about: It’s broken. Studies show that despite continued promises of new scientific breakthroughs and fat-busting miracle workouts, most people do not experience successful long-term weight loss. Adopting lasting, healthy, lifestyle habits can be a difficult and slow process, but it can be done, and there’s a certain group of people who can help make that happen:They’re in every city, every town, every gym. That one trainer, that one fitness instructor that your friends rave about. The one that’s super-smart, super-fun, clearly cares about the clientele, and is more likely to talk about health, or movement, rather than getting into spring break-bikini shape. The great trainers and instructors are out there, and New Body Ethic is here to bring them together, to raise the bar from within the fitness industry.

A New Culture of Fitness

It starts with community. We bring together professionals and health advocates from all over the world who challenge hype and unsubstantiated claims made by many mainstream health and fitness outlets. We welcome contributions to our blog, and encourage active discussion in our social media channels. We ask that consumers as well as our wellness professionals hold each other accountable, striving for evidence-based promotion of natural movement and healthy lifestyles. We encourage trainers to share the pledge with their clients, and to post it somewhere visible in their gym or studio.

Approaching health thoughtfully is not only the right thing to do, but also sets businesses apart from the usual hype, ultimately driving more customers through their doors. Our vision is that as more people have positive experiences with responsible establishments and professionals, that will become the norm, rather than the exception.

Please join our community today! You can sign the pledge, pitch to our blog, and join in the conversation at